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Where to place your referral link

Let your link and your socials do the work!

What to say about Kawena

To Zimbabweans & Malawians.

  • The best online retailer to collect goods back home.

  • 53 branches in SA that can assist with orders and payment if a customer does not trust online.

  • The cheapest grocery & hardware sending service for Zimbabweans & Malawians sending back home.

  • No extra fees, no extra charges & 0% commission.

  • Collection Points ( 67 Zimbabwe & 5 Malawi ).

  • Goods are not shipped, we don't collect goods and send them for you.

How to Pay

Many easy ways!

  • Cash Deposits at any Standard Bank and Absa Bank ATM.

  • Use a bank card online at

  • Pay at one of the 53 Kawena branches when placing an order.

  • EFT to our Standard Bank or Absa Bank Account.

How to Register a person

Quick and simple!

  1. Copy your referral link on

  2. Send the link to the customer or paste on social pages

  3. Once the customer has completed the registration and been approved they will be able to access Kawena and buy goods for their family in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

  4. They must have a valid Passport or ID.

  5. Remind your customers to use Kawena so you continue to earn.

Buy Groceries & Building Materials for your family back home to collect with no extra hassle.

Kawena is a value remittance service!

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