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Please complete this questionnaire required by the South African Reserve Bank

What is the objective of FIC? List two objectives (2)
What is the purpose of FIC? List two purposes (2)
What does FICA stand for? (1)
What is money laundering? (1)
What is terrorism financing? (1)
What does ADLA stand for? (1)
Is Kawena Exchange an accountable institution? (1)
What are the duties imposed on Kawena as an accountable institution? List four duties. (4)
Name four documents that are accepted as an identification document. (4)
Can you accept a South African passport and Foreign ID? (1)
What information is required for sending to a beneficiary online? (4)
What is the daily limit to send money/purchase online? (1)
What is the maximum rand value a customer can deposit in their E-wallets? (1)
What does it cost to send money/purchase online for Zimbabwe and Malawi? (1)
What is the Cash Threshold Report (CTR) amount? (1)
What must you do when the CTR amount is exceeded? (1)
What must you do when a representative of FIC insists on accessing company information? (1)
How long must we keep customer information and transactions for? (1)
What is the monthly “Rand” limit for sending money/purchasing online to Zimbabwe and Malawi? (1)
Where can you find a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Kawena Exchange for Zimbabwe and Malawi? (1)
Do staff have access to FICA, regulations and all related documentation and internal rules? (1)
Is non-compliance with the provisions of FICA, regulations, internal rules and all related documentation a dismissible offence? (1)
List 6 suspicious or unusual transaction or activity indicators. (6)
What must you do if you suspect a suspicious transaction or an unusual activity? (2)
What does DPIP and FPPO stand for? (2)
Name two examples of a DPIP (2)
Must all staff comply with FICA and all relative legislation? (1)
Who is liable/responsible for the above-mentioned offences? (2)t all staff comply with FICA and all relative legislation? (1)
Who is the Compliance Manager and in what method of communication must you report issues to him/her? (2)
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